Girton Road

Latest Data: Updated 14/08/2019 20:00 GMT

Parameter Index Band Concentration Period
PM10 1 LOW 13 µg/m3 (Ref.eq) 24 Hour mean
PM2.5 1 LOW 5 µg/m3 (BAM) 24 Hour mean
NO2 1 LOW 12 µg/m3 hourly mean
NOXasNO2 No Data 21 µg/m3 hourly mean
NO No Data 6 µg/m3 hourly mean

Note: Values are based on provisional data. Data are GMT hour ending.

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Parameter Parameter Name
NO Nitric Oxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
NOXasNO2 Oxides of Nitrogen
GE10 PM10 Particulate matter
PM25 PM2.5 Particulate matter

Statistics for Girton Road

Site Name Girton Road
Site Type
Easting, Northing 542660.93, 260647.07
Latitude, Longitude 52.225556, 0.087222
OS Grid Ref
Site Comments Girton Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LJ
Monitoring Network: South Cambridgeshire monitoring network
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
PM10 Particulate matter 13/12/2011
Oxides of Nitrogen 13/12/2011
PM10 Particulate matter 13/12/2011
Nitric Oxide 13/12/2011
PM2.5 Particulate matter 13/12/2011
Nitrogen dioxide 13/12/2011

The photographs show the site itself, and views looking North, East, South and West.

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